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WPC Scientific Update: Parkinson Pipeline Umbrella
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TIME: 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Alpha-synuclein, Neuron Killer or Tombstone?

Learning Objective: To discuss the notion of protein folding and its role in pathological situations

Discussant: Marie-Francoise Chesselet (USA)
Speakers:   Michael Schlossmacher (Canada)
                   Leonidas Stefanis (Greece) 
                   Jeffrey Kordower (USA)

TIME: 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Averting an Energy Crisis: the Vital Role of Mitochondria in PD

Learning Objective: To explain mitochondrial biology and questions surrounding possible mitochondrial defect in PD

Discussant: Serge Przedborski (USA)
Speakers:   Miquel Vila (Spain)
                   Charleen Chu (USA)
                   Eric Schon (USA)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TIME: 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Therapeutics & Delivery Systems

Learning Objective: To understand and explain recent developments in the field of oral and non-oral drug delivery

Discussant: Jon Palfreman (USA)
Speakers:    Peter LeWitt (USA)
                    Walter Maetzler (Germany)
                    Etienne Hirsch (France)

TIME: 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Unblocking the Treatment Pipeline

Learning Objective: To be able to identify three challenges to the treatment pipeline for new Parkinson's medications

Discussant: David Iverson (USA)
Speakers:   Michael Schwarzschild (USA)
                    Charles Adler (USA)
                    Christopher Goetz (USA)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

TIME: 12pm ET/ 9am PT

The Limits of Dopaminergic Disease Modifying Strategies in a Non-motor Symptom World

Learning Objective: To identify and explain two non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's that dopamine treatments have limited ability to alter

Discussant: Patrik Brundin (USA)
Speakers:   Oscar Gershanik (Argentina)
                   Ray Chaudhuri (UK)
                   David Burn (UK)

TIME: 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Personalized Medicine

Learning Objective: To discuss and explain the role of personalized medicine in Parkinson's disease and identify how researchers feel personalized medicine will change the lives of people living with PD

Discussant: Bastiaan Bloem (Netherlands)
Speakers:   Ronald Pfeiffer (USA)
                    Jon Stoessl (Canada)
                    Roger Barker (UK)

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