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During the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, the WPC hosted a luncheon with the Executive Leadership of the WPC Partners who are directly working with or serving the community of people living with Parkinson's.  During this luncheon, a proposal was put forth to hold periodic teleconference calls between the Executive Leadership of these organizations to help build connectivity, raised awareness of ongoing Parkinson's initiatives, and to offer regular updates on the planning for the future World Parkinson Congress.

This series of teleconference calls has officially been launched as the "WPC Parkinson’s Information Network" or WPC PIN calls.

We believe that it will provide a useful service to the Parkinson’s community worldwide.  We also believe that it will be helpful in encouraging the not-for-profit sector to field a solid presence at the WPC 2013.  

In order to select the topics of each PIN call, the WPC circulated an online questionnaire among the not-for-profit patient-centric WPC Partners, seeking advice as to the topics we might include in the program and have come up with the following topics for 2012.

We welcome your thoughts on future talks to be held as part of the PIN series. While the calls are open to Executive Leadership, we recognize that others in the community may have a keen interest in hearing these talks as well. Because of this, we will offer the talk and slides as a taped talk after it takes place. Once displayed here, it is open for viewing and downloading to the full Parkinson's community.

Past PIN talks:

Model Collaborative Programs of Care for People with Parkinson’s Disease and Other Neurological Disorders: The Netherlands Experience  

Completed on September 27, 2012

View presentation including powerpoint slides and audio.

Speaker: Bastiaan Bloem, MD, PhD, Neurologist at the Department of Neurology, Radboud University Nijmegan Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Get It On Time!

Completed on June 28, 2012

Moderator: Robin Elliot, Executive Director at Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Steve Ford, Parkinson’s UK
Miriam Dixon, Parkinson's NSW, Australia
Barbara Snelgrove, Parkinson Society Canada
Joyce Oberdorf, National Parkinson Foundation

Powerpoint slide deck for talkGet It On Time Campaign slides

Resources for talk:

Management of the hospitalized patient with Parkinson’s disease: Current state of the field and need for guidelines, Michael J. Aminoff, MD, et al.

Hospitalization in Parkinson disease: A survey of National Parkinson Foundation Centers, Kelvin L. Chou, MD, et al.

The title of this talk is that of an educational program pioneered by Parkinson's UK and adopted/adapted – in concept but not always using the same name – by several other organizations, including Parkinson Society Canada, Parkinson's Australia, and the National Parkinson Foundation in the US. Its purpose is to make sure that the needs of people with Parkinson’s – especially in the timing of medications – are understood by the nursing and medical staff of hospitals, nursing-homes and other institutions.

New Parkinson’s Treatments in Clinical Trials

COMPLETED on April 5, 2012

» Download PowerPoint Slide deck

» Listen to Talk

Speaker: Oscar Gershanik, M.D., Professor of Neurology at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and Scientific Director, Institute of Neuroscience, Favaloro Foundation University Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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