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Session Summaries

All sessions are open to all delegates. No sign up required with the exception of the Roundtables, which are full. 

Pre-congress Sessions

To take place on Tuesday, October 1, these three day long courses for those interested in specific topics include a 'Fundamental of PD ' course for those who need a crash course on Parkinson's, and an 'Interdisciplinary Health Care ' course for those who wish to lean about interdisciplinary models of care, how they work, the challenges of setting them up, and what outcomes have shown once they are implemented; and a 'Science & Advocacy' course where our sponsors will present a variety of sessions covering a wide range of topics.


Hot Topics:

Each morning, just before the opening Plenary, four of the hottest topics from the poster abstracts will be selected for presentation to the broader audience. Presentations will be given orally each morning in the categories of: basic science, clinical science, clinical therapeutics, and complementary care. Presenters are generally up and coming researchers and clinicians who are introducing exciting cutting edge work that adds great value to the community. 


Plenary Sessions:

Designed to bring together all Congress attendees each morning, plenary sessions will offer presentations on specific topics to highlight the daily themes, starting with Day One: Why and how specific neurons die in Parkinson's disease and what can be done about it ; Day Two: Non-motor manifestations of Parkinson's disease ; and Day Three: New views on the management of Parkinson's disease. These will be held in a large auditorium each morning, starting just after the Hot Topics presentations. Plenaries will offer very limited questions and answer periods, but experts will be available in workshops or round tables later each day to continue discussing the topics in more detail.


Parallel Sessions:

Designed to offer in-depth sessions focused on specific cutting-edge research in the field of Parkinson's. These sessions will appeal to those who want to understand the basic and clinical science underlying the research conducted to better understand the many facets of Parkinson's disease. These will be set in larger lecture halls of up to nearly 500 delegates and will offer question and answer periods but they will be less interactive than the workshops.



Approximately 24 different workshops designed for smaller groups of attendees ranging from 75 to 150 people. Speakers will give an overview of the assigned topic then work together presenting case studies or research that can highlight the topic in ways that are educational, unique and easy to digest. These sessions are designed to allow for more discourse and longer question and answer periods for the participants.


Roundtable Sessions: (free, sign up required. NOTE: all Roundtable slots are full. Attendees must be in the session at their table when it begins. Any open seats at the start of the session will be given to those waiting outside the room. )

Also known as "Meet the Experts", these specially designed Roundtable sessions will allow for delegates to sit down with an expert on a wide range of fields in a very small, intimate group, to get to the nitty-gritty with questions about the topics. Experts will give a shot oral overview of the predetermined topic and will then take questions by the guests.


Special Lunch Lectures:

As the title says, these special sessions are designed to highlight one topic each day, starting with the history of James Parkinson, the history of Parkinson's science and research in Canada, and as a close on the final day, a special lecture  from a few people living with Parkinson's on how they have live positively with the disease.


French Track Sessions:

Targeted to an audience of French speakers who live with Parkinson's or others with little to no scientific experience, these daily sessions, two each afternoon, will expose participants to key topics in clinical and basic science research in Parkinson's disease and will explain why research in these ares may lead to a better understanding of Parkinson's disease, its diagnosis and treatment. All sessions will be delivered in French only.


Daily Wrap-Up:

Designed to bring together all Congress attendees at the end of the day, Daily Wrap-up sessions will be a summary of the key learnings each day. Talks will be delivered by some of the leaders in the field who will have the tough task of preparing these talks each day. This is a great way to catch some key topics you missed while attending other sessions and to hear from what these leaders are taking away from the sessions they participated in.

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