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Video Competion Winners!
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At the WPC 2013 Opening Ceremony we were thrilled to announce the Grand Prize winner of both the WPC 2013 Video Competition and the People's Choice Award to Smaller: A Poem About Parkinson's by Andy McDowell (New Zealand)! 

Andy's submission was not only chosen as the Video Competition judges but also by the public for the People's Choice Award!

The First Prize Winner is Power Forward by Brian Grant (USA) and the Second Prize winners are To the Givers of Care by Larry Schneider Jr. (USA) and Something Inside So Strong by Margaret Mullarney (Ireland). 

If you would like to watch the Top 12 videos, just click on the respective image below. You can view the Honorary Mentions and our other submissions on our YouTube page

We want to thank everyone who took part in creating or acting in one of these videos. When combined, these videos add a tremendous amount of awareness about Parkinson's globally and help elevate the dialogue about PD and what it's like to live with it and/or care for someone living with it. Every story adds value to the ongoing discourse about Parkinson's.

For this effort, we applaud and thank all submitters for having the courage to tell us their stories.


WPC Video Review Committee

Top 12 Videos

 Smaller: A Poem About Parkinson's by Andy McDowell
New Zealand

 Change Your Brain by
Sharon Kha

Grand Prize AND People's Choice Award Winner
This film was based on a poem I wrote 6 months after being diagnosed at the age of 43. I created it to help my two girls understand what was happening to me - and involving my eldest Lily (7) in the production was an amazing way to connect the dots.

The defining message of the poem is that whilst Parkinson's has forever made me "smaller” in a physical sense I still have choice over the rest of my world.

In a strange way PD requires me to be "bigger” to still be me and, whilst I can’t speak for everyone, that seems to strike a chord. 

Pop, Lock and Tremor by
Darren Howarth

Power Forward by
Brian Grant

First Prize Winner
Diagnosed at 39 with Parkinson's, "Pop, Lock and Tremor" is the true story of (actor/dancer/family man) Darren Howarth's initial struggle to come to terms with the degenerative disease and his subsequent resolve to carry on living despite it.

About the Filmmaker:
Using the medium of film to bring awareness, Darren Howarth creatively gives us just a glimpse into what is to become a captivating and courageous feature film based on his own true story of love, denial, betrayal, bravery and success.

The story continues... 

On the morning of August 21st, 2012, former NBA Rookie All Star Brian Grant and 5 others with Parkinson’s disease set out to climb 8,365 feet to the summit of Mount Saint Helens. Share in their journey as they power forward to reach the top and prove to the world that people with Parkinson’s can live life to the fullest.


 Telling the tales to live by
Bostjan Colaric

To the Givers of Care by
Larry Schneider Jr.

Second Prize Winner

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and cancer. I want to show you my philosophy in this short film made by B.Colarič. Despite these diagnoses I feel the life is beautiful and gives me many challenges such as stage management, writing novels, reading, dancing, cooking...

Helena Cestnik - that's my pseudonym. One of my novels is titled THE CRYSTALLINE LACE (TELLING THE TALES TO LIVE). "Into swirls of prose, dazing bends of steps going upwards, inwards, into oneself, she ties the sensitive tenor of a man constantly embracing… The breaths of her novels are silent calls for life.” (by Sanje Publishing)

Alenka Šet


A heartfelt "thank you" to the people who love, support and tend to the people with any encumbrance. It is a very sobering reality, being diagnosed with a disease/condition and even more so when you realize how it effects those that are closest to you.


Planting Hope by
Sofia Lahmann Guiterrez
Costa Rica

Secret Shames & Parkinson's Perils by Heather MacTavish

This film is a tribute to my mom (Sonia Guiterrez), who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2010. The illness has not stopped her from enjoying her life and spreading love, hope and happiness to all around her.
The tulip is the symbol of Parkinson's Disease. We have used it in this film as a metaphor of rediscovering yourself after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. Our aim with this film is to bring hope to other patients and their families.

Diagnosed with PD 19 years ago, my greatest coping strategy is to enhance the creative aspects of my life, primarily with writing, video editing, and music. With the same goal, my book, Songs, Science & Spirit uses stories to provide knowledge and insight to those who bring programs to individuals with challenges.

Canadian born, I was challenged to turn my story about incontinence into a video for the competition. My goal was to provide humour and a basis for information and discussion of a "taboo” subject. My other goal was to return to Montreal to eat smoked meat sandwiches!


 Parkinson au jour le jour by
Serge Cloutier
Something Inside So Strong by
Margaret Mullarney

Second Prize Winner

Nous avons voulu illustrer quelques-uns des obstacles rencontrés par les personnes atteintes de la maladie de Parkinson et fournir des exemples d’attitudes aidantes pour limiter ces difficultés. Aux expressions figées, à la perte de dextérité fine, aux raideurs musculaires, nous répliquons en adoptant des exercices appropriés. Pour contrer l’isolement et la souffrance, nous nous tournons vers le soutien et l’amitié de notre entourage. Au-delà de l’espoir d’une guérison, nous croyons à la nécessité de recourir à tous les moyens pour réduire les symptômes et combattre cette terrible maladie. Cette vidéo transmet l’espoir qui nous habite.

We wanted to illustrate some of the obstacles faced by people with Parkinson's disease and provide examples of helpful attitudes to reduce these difficulties. To fixed expressions, loss of fine dexterity, muscle stiffness, we replicate by adopting appropriate exercises. To counter the isolation and suffering, we turn to the support and friendship of those around us. Beyond hope of recovery, we believe in the need to use all means to reduce the symptoms and fight this terrible disease. This video conveys the hope within us.

A Physiotherapist's Journey with Parkinson's Disease by
Jillian Carson

With Grace by
Pamela Quinn

Shown at the Opening Ceremony
I made this video to educate the public that healthcare professionals are not immune to devastating diseases like Parkinson’s and that they, too, experience human reactions like grief and terror. I want the world to know the history of Parkinson’s disease in simple language everyone can understand. I want the world to see that it is not just an "old person’s disease.  I want the world to understand how quickly life changes when one gets a diagnosis of PD.   I felt the need to demonstrate that PWP can, and are, fighting the disease with incredible strength, using their own particular life skills to empower themselves and each other.   The video is meant to inspire PWP to overcome adversities, have hope, get involved and advocate for ourselves. We need to unify, to support each other, and  to work together to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.   No one should be alone fighting Parkinson’s. Together, we will have a better quality of life. Together we will win!

I started off wanting to make a duet between a dancer (myself) and another figure who simultaneously suggested an angel, a caregiver, a guide, a mate. After I made the dance, it seemed too abstract by itself. So I decided to add text, and the piece took on the feeling of a more singular relationship - a couple dealing with PD. But I hope echoes of the angel remain. Many of us who struggle with PD are the recipients of guidance and support that can sometimes seem divine, even when it is embodied in the earthly presences we know most closely. They are often the vehicles or enablers of grace, helping us to recognize the gifts which misfortune can bring and to reach for a spiritual poise that is the best part of ourselves.


Honorary Mentions (in alphabetical order) -
Please view these by visiting our YouTube page and looking for the WPC 2013 Submission

Glenna Batson, USA with Coming Together - Dance Improvisation and Parkinson's Disease
Ero Bresolin, UK with Individuality - A Parky Cocktail
Jean Burns, USA with Vignettes of Daily Life with PD  and PD, Creativity and Me
Lori Campbell, USA with Rerouted by PD
Fulvio Capitanio, Spain with Tempus fugit
Leslie Davidson, Canada with Parken Shtick
Pat Davies, USA with Patrick's Story
Whit Deschner, USA with Help Lick Parkinson's
John Dickie, Canada with Skywalkers, Mystics and Dreamers
Randy Dittmar, Canada with Outwitting Parkinson's Disease
Kow Keang Ea, Malaysia with Why
Valerie Graham, USA with My Letter to Dear Abi
Bin Hu, Canada with Abi
Jeffrey Keefer, USA with Carpe Diem... Hope through Science
Simon Laverick, UK with Never Give In
Renee Le Verrier, USA with Feet at Work
Anders Leines, Norway with The Soup
Jessie Lyle, USA with Three Poems and a Few Thoughts on PD and Creativity
Pauline Mahady, Ireland with Parkinson's Awareness
Jewell Mohn, USA with Chronic and Progressive
Ron Olsen, USA with Parkinson's Living with a Monster
Ric Peterson, Canada with Niska
Carolyn Pletsch, Canada with 350 words
Pamela Quinn, USA with Bittersweet
Lindsay Richeter, Canada with Intellectus
Jacques Seguin, Canada with How I choose to Live with It
Carolina Segura, Columbia with Living with Parkinson's - One Reason
Corry Sobol, Canada with Come Sing This Song with Me
Margaret Rae Tennant, USA with Better on the Bike
Gary Turchin, USA with Grappling with having fallen out of favor with the flowers
Edina Udvarhelyi, Hungary with Hungarian Life with Parkinson's
Patricia Vurdelia, USA with Can Not...Can
Martha Walker, USA with Ode to an Illness
Sacha Whitehead, Australia with To have a purpose
Houston Area Parkinson Society, USA with I am the face of Parkinson's

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