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WPC 2016 In The News
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Medical & Scientific News


September 2016


Neurology Advisor - What To Expect at the WPC 2016 

Neurology Advisor - Alternative Therapies Deemed Effective For Parkinson's Symptoms 

Neurology Advisor - Cognitive Training Trancranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Cognition in Parkinson's

Neurology Advisor - Gait Characteristics Better Predict Cognitive Decline in Early Parkinsons

Practical Neurology - Neuroinflammatory Agents May Benefit Pre-Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease

Neurology Advisor - Whole Body Vibration, Exercise May Improve Motor Performance in Parkinson's

WPC 2006 in the News 

Below are just a few stories that came out about during and after the first World Parkinson Congress in 2006.
Calgary Herald, February 24, 2006
"New agents may slow Parkinson's"
Contra Costa Times, February 24, 2006
"Pills show promise in delaying Parkinson's" 
Democrat and Chronicle, February 24, 2006
"Common drugs eyed for Parkinson's breakthrough" 
Boston Globe, February 25, 2006
"Parkinson's may be linked to hard workers"
San Antonio Express News, February 26, 2006
"Parkinson's targets straight arrows?"
Kansas City Star, February 26, 2006
"A straight arrow toward disease?"
ACNR, February 2006
USA Today, March 2, 2006
"Odd side effect: Gambling"

Chemical & Engineering News, April 10, 2006
"Picking Apart Parkinson's"
Journal of the American Medical Association, April 26, 2006  


Neurology Advisor - Statin Therapy Recommended in Parkinson's Patients with Vascular Risks

Medscape- Home Visits Help Homebound Patients With Advanced Parkinson's




February 2016 "Franklin HS Teacher Makes Statue for Parkinson's Disease Awareness" "Portland Art Teacher Creates Mascot to Spread Awareness of Parkinson's Disease"


April 2016

Programa "Al Aire Libre"


June 2016


Rock Steady Boxing helps fighters KO Parkinson's disease


 July 2016 
Noticiero Telemundo: WPC 2016 Communications Committee Member Claudia Martinez Interview


August 2016
CTV News "Marg & Don Turner are Walking their way to WPC 2016 Portland" 


September 2016
Phoenix Hispanic Parkinson's Choir Vies for People's Choice Award

Muhammad Ali's Daughter May May 

Muhammad Ali's Daughter Speaks At World Parkinson Congress 

Muhammad Ali's eldest daughter in Portland to raise awareness about Parkinson's

Alternative Therapies Deemed Effective For Parkinson's Symptoms

World Parkinson Congress meets for 4-day Portland conference on Parkinson's disease 



October 2015
Homewatch CareGivers "In Their Own Words: Family Caregivers"

Parkinson's Life "Why no one should have to face Parkinson's alone"

Parkinson's Companion "4th World Parkinson Congress, Portland 2016"

March 2016
Portland Tribune "Parky, a 6-foot tall raccoon, fosters Parkinson awareness" 

February 2016 "4 Things We Wanted to Mention About NBA All Stars Weekend" 

NeurologyNow "Powering Forward" 


May 2016
The Fresco Institute in the News "Ringing the Bell for Parkinson's Awareness" "Growing art installation gathers stories of living with Parkinson's" 

GFNY Championship "Superman Rides"


June 2016
The Star Online "Association to send delegation to World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon

Rock Steady Boxing helps fighters KO Parkinson's disease

July 2016
Tottenham & Wood Green Independent "The age people get diagnosed with Parkinson's is getting younger 
- video producer's awareness song shortlisted

Panorama Online "El coro Voces Unidas, integrado por pacientes de Parkinson hace historia con el video del tema "Soy el compas de otra cancion"

August 2016
More Than Motion "What Is the World Parkinson Congress?

Click here to download (WPC article on page 1).

Romanian-based Ziarul Hunedoreanului features Dan Raican, Antiparkinson Association and WPC in its August 8 issue.

The Portland Physician Scribe (August 2016, Vol. 34 #8) "World Parkinson Congress to draw thousands of providers, patients to Portland" [Page 4]
Click here to download. 

Oregon Jewish Life "Dr. Richard Rosenbaum Picks a Fight With Parkinson's"

People Magazine "Muhammad Ali's Eldest Daughter Shares Memories of Her Dad and Hope for Those With Parkinson's: 'Attitude is Everything'"   


September 2016

Portland Business Journal "Legacy doctor helps to ensure Portland is 'Parkinson's Ready'" 

Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center - Vida Positiva "Gotas de Gratitud"
Click to download 

The World Parkinson Coalition Chooses Kyoto to Host its Congress in 2019 

Guest Opinion: Parkinson's in Portland

Parkinson’s News Today - World Parkinson Coalition Teams Up with NBA Vet Brian Grant on Exercise Project

Healthy Living Fall 2016 -- Keeping the Flame Alive
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October 2015
Radio Parkies "DJ Pete Northrop's interview with WPC Executive Director Eli Pollard"

March 2016
SiriusXM/Doctor Radio Healthy Aging with Dr. Michael Perskin
Amy Lemen discussed the latest in PD research and participating in the WPC 2016


June 2016
RadioMD "Latest Science on Parkinson's Disease"


August 2016
SiriusXM/Doctor Radio Healthy Aging with Dr. Michael Perskin
Amy Lemen updated her March interview with the latest in PD research and participating in the WPC 2016

KIUK-AM The Jayne Carroll Show Segment
WPC 2016 Opening Ceremony speaker Maryum "May May" Ali interviewed on the Jayne Carroll Show

SiriusXM Doctor Radio Primary Care Medicine with Dr. Marina Kurian
May May Ali was interviewed about her life with her dad and why she’s speaking at the Opening Ceremony at the WPC 2016 The Shea Vaughn Show
Shea Vaughn profiles Elizabeth (Eli) Pollard and talks about her life and the upcoming WPC 2016

September 2016
Fox Sports Radio: Health Matters - September 12
Eli Pollard talks about WPC 2016

KOMO Radio: Health Talk - September 4

May May Ali talks about plans for WPC 2016

KOMO Radio: Health Talk - September 11

Dr. Jing Zhang, UW, talks about his research and presentation at WPC 2016

Press Releases


Save the Date - January 12, 2016 

World Parkinson Coalition® Announces Collaboration with NBA Basketball star Brian Grant on the 
"Parkinson Power Through Project" Event at NBA All Start Game - February 3, 2016 

WPC 2016 People's Choice Award: Make Your Vote Count - July 5, 2016 

The 4th World Parkinson Congress Presents Its First Art Walk in Portland - August 24, 2016 

The World Parkinson Coalition® Announces Three Recipients Of Its First WPC Award For Distinguished Contribution To The Parkinson Community - August 29, 2016

Thousands Pitch In To Make Portland Parkinson's Ready For 4th World Parkinson Congress, September 20-23, 2016 - September 6, 2016

The 4th World Parkinson Congress Announces Its 12 Hot Topics In Research - September 12, 2016


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