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2016 Renewal Room
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WPC 2016 Renewal Room Schedule

*NOTE: Sessions with an asterisk (*) indicate physical movement required for session. Any participant who may present any concern for him/herself or others when performing physical movement must attend with a helper.

Water will be available outside the room for consumption. If you would like to have water nearby during the sessions, please bring your own water bottle to fill up before the sessions begin.


 Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Time  Activity  Presenter(s)  Description 
8AM-9AM Yogadopa: yoga for people with Parkinson's disease and care partners* Kaitlyn Roland (Canada) 

Join Kaitlyn for yoga tailored to persons with Parkinson’s disease and their partners. The yoga poses are accessible to any body and ability and the session will focus on creating balance. Kaitlyn combines her research training in physiology with her personal experiences in the PD community to encourage improved body awareness, self-confidence, strength and joy!

11:30AM-12:30PM Fighting Back Against Parkinson's with Rock Steady Boxing* Joyce Johnson (USA) 

Rock Steady Boxing empowers people with Parkinson’s to “fight back.” We will introduce participants to noncontact, boxing-inspired exercise, provide an opportunity to learn basic boxing moves and discuss the science behind its success in reducing, reversing and delaying symptoms. Founded in Indianapolis, there are over 225 affiliates around the world. 

12:45PM-1:45PM Mighty Maestro Singing!  Judith Spencer (USA) 

Mighty Maestro Singing is a class of joyful singing and voice exercise. No singing experience required – just the desire to have fun! We focus on utilizing good breathing practice, louder voice volume and wider pitch range. Join us for an emotionally invigorating hour that will improve your voice and place a smile of your face!

2PM-3PM PD Movement Lab* Pamela Quinn (USA)

In Pam Quinn’s PD Movement Lab we find different ways to transform ourselves: we use imagery to change our posture,  rhythm to increase our tempo, touch to dispel our rigidity. We learn how to work with our bodies through dancing together to a wide selection of music.  Fun, practical, transformative.

3:15PM-4:15PM Vocal Energetics - Voice for Joyous Health & Peaceful Mind  Judith Lynne (USA) 

Discover the healing and transformative power of your voice. PWP Judith Lynne’s holistic vocal method helps meet many challenges of PD. Got monkey mind? Is your voice weak, losing range and volume? How is your physical balance? Your mood? Use your voice to sound your body/mind/heart/soul into harmony and joy.

4:30PM-5:30PM  Spreading SMILEs and Healing Through Art*  Saba Shahid (USA) 

Through creativity and movement, our program provides both physical and mental stimulation to those living with Parkinson’s disease. We combat symptoms of Parkinson’s such as tremors, micrographia, loss of fine motor control, and depression.  We’ve spread smiles and healing through art to fifteen different cities in the East coast. Art is medicine!


Thursday, September 22, 2016



Time  Activity  Presenter(s)  Description 
8-9AM Synchronizing Breath & Movement for Body Alignment and Posture Integrity (Chair Yoga)* Aminta St Onge (USA)

Class will focus on breathing techniques that assist with and create body awareness.  Participants will be guided thru specific movements, starting with feet and working all the way up the torso to help improve spinal integrity and posture.  Class will end with a guided meditation. (Standing is optional for some movement)

11:30AM-12:45PM Dance for PD®* David Leventhal (USA) 

The Mark Morris Dance Group's award-winning Dance for PD® program welcomes people with Parkinson's to experience the joys of dance while creatively addressing symptom-specific concerns related to balance, cognition, motor skill and confidence. Come explore diverse styles of movement in a safe, non-pressured, social environment where music energizes and empowers.

1PM-2PM  The Triad - Voice, Movement and Cognition* John Dean (USA) & Josefa Domingos (Portugal)

Voice, movement and cognition are the three core components of many common activities. Each one of these skills, individually and in combination, are critical to successfully navigating daily life. This hands-on session will demonstrate how to seamlessly integrate these three components into "dual task" activities and exercises that can be applied immediately to your daily life.

2:15PM-3:15PM PWR! Nexus - Brain/Body Agility*  Becky Farley (USA)

PWR! Nexus is the integration of PD-specific functional fitness with high level cognitive challenges involving attention, inhibition, task shifting, sequencing, and working memory. Learn how this may enhance your ability to negotiate everyday situations bigger, faster, and safer.  More FUN and FUNction than playing brain games on a computer! 

3:30PM-4:30PM The Rhythm of Life - Drumming   Jim Boneau (USA) & Judith Spencer (USA) 

Life begins with the beat of the heart! The Rhythm of Life will be an hour of enriching the heartbeat by the beat of the drum, an hour of guided creative rhythmic “play," enjoying how rhythm can enhance health & wellbeing.

It will be energizing, healing, and fun!

Drums & Percussion will be provided. 

No experience required!!

4:45PM-5:45PM  Face Yoga*  Renee LeVerrier (USA)  This session brings the benefits of yoga’s awareness, movement, stretching and relaxation to the face. With its 40+ muscles (there are 13 in one leg), it’s time to loosen our lips, turn frowns upside-down, look wide-eyed and face exercise with a smile.


Friday, September 23, 2016


Time Activity  Presenter(s)  Description 
8AM-9AM Tai Chi for Parkinson's* Daniel Loney (Israel) 

Learn basic Tai Chi principles and discover why research proves that it surpasses other practices in reducing Parkinson's symptoms. Experience how its implementation in your daily life improves your ability to prevent falls and aids in walking, turning in place, coping with frozen/Off situations and negotiating in crowds.  

Daniel, a long term PWP, has markedly alleviated his own Parkinson's symptoms. He shares 25+ years of Tai Chi experience and conducts Tai Chi for Parkinson's workshops internationally. 

11:15AM-11:45AM  Laughter Therapy: Humor & PD  Whit Deschner (USA) 

At 46 Whit Deschner assumed he would grow cynical and a Buddha belly. Instead he grew nose hairs and got Parkinson's. It could have been worse. He could have been diagnosed as a Norwegian... Whit’s talk is 22 minutes long, 5 minutes wide and has no depth whatsoever.

12PM-1PM Nia Brain Body Exercise for Parkinson's*  Caroline Kohles (USA)  coming soon
1:15PM-2:15PM Manage Symptoms and Find Hope: Alexander Technique for Daily Living* Candace Cox (Canada) & Morgan Rysdon-Moulitsas (USA) 

Learn to improve balance, range of motion and vocal volume while reducing rigidity and other symptoms in regular daily activities using the Alexander Technique. Based on Candace’s teaching and research at Parkinson’s Alberta, Canada, and Morgan’s weekly classes with the JCC Manhattan in partnership with Edmond J. Safra Parkinson’s Wellness Program, NYC.

2:30PM-3:30PM Dance with Dance for Parkinson's Oregon/Dance for Parkinson's Boulder (affliates of the Dance for PD® network)* Madeleine Denko-Carter (USA) & Viki Psihoyos (USA) 

Join us for a fun get-together as we explore dance and music. Former ballerina, Viki Psihoyos offers specifically designed movement for people with Parkinsons. In chairs then across the floor, all levels of ability are welcome at this dance party.

3:45PM-4:45PM Move and Shout Full Body Workout, Power for Parkinson's Style* Nina Mosier (USA) & Susan Stahl (USA) 

This high energy class uses group fitness principles incorporating dynamic sequential movements, vocal power and fine and gross motor exercises in a fun engaging atmosphere. We address both physical and cognitive symptoms of Parkinson’s, stimulating neuroplasticity. Our innovative approach improves strength, balance, coordination, endurance and most importantly, your mood!

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