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The Leadership Forum allows for more than 100 CEOs, Executive Directors along with other leaders and senior staff at these various organizations to come together learn from each other, share best practices, and expand their knowledge on how to best serve their communities. All Organizational Partners are expected to help promote the upcoming World Parkinson Congress and in exchange are recognized on the WPC website, at the Congress, and are invited to send one representative to the WPC Leadership Forums which take place every 1.5 years.

Leadership Forum Details:
Leadership Forum March 2021: Exact date to be announced, Barcelona, Spain. (Two days)

The 2021 Leadership Forum is sponsored by US WorldMeds

Leadership Forum 2022: June 6, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain from 9AM - 4PM. (One day)

In order to prepare for these meetings we have created six working groups to examine the topics that have emerged as priorities from the past Leadership Forums. The working groups and their members are listed below.


Engaging PwPs on Clinical Research    Reaching the Underserved

Helen Matthews, Co-Chair

Cure Parkinson's Trust

Sohini Chowdhury, Co-Chair

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Margarita Makoutonina

ParkiLife Australia Pty Ltd

Dom Graham

European Parkinson Disease Association

Claire Bale

Parkinson's UK

Polly Dawkins, Co-Chair

Davis Phinney Foundation

Jo-Anne Reeves,Co-Chair

Parkinson's New South Wales

Richard Walker

Northumbria Healthcare

Natasha Fothergill-Misbah

Northumbria Healthcare

Gaynor Edwards

Spotlight YOPD

Debbie Shapiro

Tikvah for Parkinson's

Peter LeWitt

Parkinson's Study Group

Margarita Makoutonina

ParkiLife Australia Pty Ltd

Pedro Chana

Agrupacion Amigos de Parkinson

Isabell Senft-Daniel

PJ Parkinson's Support Group

David Leventhal

Dance for PD

Benjamin Rossi


Denise Coley PwP working to reach Native Americans
Grace Ferrari Parkinson Canada

Creating a Global Parkinson's Initiative Technology

Sarah Jones, Co-Chair

Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Alliance

Fulvio Capitanio, Co-Chair

Unidos contra el Parkinson

Malcolm Irving, Co-Chair

Parkinson's New South Wales

Angela Halpern

LSVT Global

Pedro Chana

Agrupacion Amigos de Parkinson

David Quebradas

Fundación Parkinson de Colombia

Anton Spelman

People with Parkinson's Inc.

Benjamin Rossi


Veronica Clark

European Parkinson Disease Association

Julie Dodd Parkinson's UK
Joanne August Nurse/ PhD Candidate, Widener University

Steve Ford, Co-Chair

Parkinson's UK

Sara Lew, Co-Chair

Malaysia Parkinson's Disease Association

Hellen Mwithiga

Africa Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Gerald Ganglbauer

Parkinsons Online Osterreich

Peter LeWitt

Parkinson's Study Group

Gaynor Edwards

Spotlight YOPD

Dan Raican

Antiparkinson Romainian Association

Amir Karmin

Israel Parkinson Association

Isabell Senft-Daniel

PJ Parkinson's Support Group

Benjamin Rossi


Samuel Ng

Perak Parkinson's Association

Reaching the Newly Diagnosed       Building International Relationships

Jean Blake, Co-Chair, Parkinson Society British Columbia

Hellen Mwithiga, Co-Chair, Africa Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Maria Barretto, Co-Chair, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society - India (PDMDS)

Claudia Martinez, Co-Chair, MAPDC

Munal Subedi, Nepalese Parkinson Disease Association

Tammy Ramsey-Evans, Co-Chair, Parkinson's New Zealand

Jodi Brown, Parkinson's Rockies

Tim Hague, Uturn Parkinson's 

Russ Bradford, Parkinson's Concierge

Richard Walker, Northumbria-Healthcare NHS

Sheera Rosenfeld, Parkinson Foundation

Angela Halpern, LSVT Global

Genko Oyama, Neurologist

Cynthia Fox, LSVT Global

Anton Spelman, People with Parkinson's Inc.

Dan Raican, Antiparkinson Romanian Association

Benjamin Rossi, InMotion

David Quebradas, Fundación Parkinson de Colombia

Francesco De Renzis, European Parkinson Disease Association

Roland Weber, PwP from South Africa

Katherine Crawford, Parkinson's UK

Grace Ferrari, Parkinson Canada

Holly Chaimov, Parkinson's Resources

Samuel Ng, Perak Parkinson's Association
Grace, Ferrari, Parkinson Canada  

Samuel Ng, Perak Parkinson's Association


Executive Committee

Emma Collin, Co-Chair, Parkinson's Victoria

Ronnie Todaro, Co-Chair, Parkinson's Foundation

Sarah Jones, PMDA

Steve Ford, Parkinson's UK

Maria Barretto, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society - India (PDMDS)

Tammy Ramsey-Evans, Parkinson's New Zealand

Helen Matthews, Cure Parkinson's Trust

Fulvio Capitanio, Unidos contra el Parkinson

Polly Dawkins, Davis Phinney Foundation

Jo-Anne Reeves, Parkinson's New South Wales

Hellen Mwithiga, Africa Parkinson's Disease Foundation


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