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Where is Parky?
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In 2015, we launched and invited people to share pictures and stories about their adventures with Parky, WPC's raccoon mascot.  We also have a map where we mark all the locations around the world where Parky is living with his Human(s). We are all connected and Parky's global map shows this very clearly!


Parky was born in the summer of 2012 when Bob Kuhn, an Ambassador for the 3rd World Parkinson Congress decided to create a companion for his around the world, 70 day trip. Before Bob left, he created a cut-out of Parky which he used as a bridge between himself and people he met along the way. Everyone was curious about Bob and Parky, especially because raccoons are indigenous to North America and are virtually unknown in other parts of the world.


Bob used his trip in 2012 to make new friends in the Parkinson’s community and to talk about the 3rd World Parkinson Congress, which was held in Montreal, Canada in 2013. It was in Montreal where Parky came to life as the WPC mascot.


Parky is now available for purchase and resides all around the world with Humans who understand Parkinson’s disease and support the efforts of the World Parkinson Coalition. By purchasing your own Parky, 100% of the profit goes directly to the WPC Travel Grants Fund, which helps bring junior researchers, junior clinicians and people living with Parkinson’s to the Congress. 


Visit to learn more about how you can connect with the global Parkinson's community and share details about your adventures with Parky the Raccoon! Stay in touch with Parky's adventures via his Facebook page at



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