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Monday, March 9th, 2020

World Parkinson Coalition® Announces 15 New Parkinson Ambassadors

The World Parkinson Coalition (WPC) announced the appointment of 15 new Parkinson Ambassadors for the 6th World Parkinson Congress. These 15 people living with Parkinson’s draw on their experience as advocates in the Parkinson’s community to act as Ambassadors for the WPC in the two and a half years leading up to the World Parkinson Congress in June 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.


Thursday, January 30th, 2020

World Parkinson Coalition® Welcomes Five New Board of Directors

The World Parkinson Coalition (WPC) announced the appointment of five new members to its board of directors. Drawing on their many years of experience in the Parkinson’s field as movement disorder specialists, researchers, and advocates. Dr. Rajesh Pahwa from the University of Kansas Medical Center, Dr. Ryosuke Takahashi from Kyoto University, Dr. Malu G. Tansey from University of Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Alice Nieuwboer from University of Leuven, and Dr. Linda Olson, Professor Emerita from University of California at San Diego, joined the WPC Board as of January 2020.


Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Advocates for Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Launch Innovative Facebook Fundraiser to Support the 6th World Parkinson Congress

Twenty six people living around the world with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease aim to 'pay it forward' by launching a 52 week Facebook fundraiser to help OTHER people with YOPD to attend the 6th World Parkinson Congress. These 26 participants hope to raise $50,000 to help send up to 50 YOPD to Barcelona, Spain to be part of the extraordinary WPC 2022 experience.


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