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Second World Parkinson Congress | WPC 2010 
Glasgow, Scotland, UK | September 28 - October 1, 2010


Bringing the Parkinson’s Community Together


The Second World Parkinson Congress | WPC 2010 attracted 3,025 delegates from 70 countries to hear 190 speakers over the course of four days. Those delegates included: 1690 clinicians & researchers; 550 people with Parkinson's & care partners; 626 rehab specialists and advocates; 159 press and accompanying persons.The delegates helped to launch a very successful meeting showing a high-level of interest in not only the current state of Parkinson’s research, science and care but also in an emerging format of scientific meetings for the Parkinson’s community, a format that includes all stakeholders.. The idea of including the whole PD community in a meeting is leading the way for an exciting interdigitation of the community and is expected to open new doors to collaborations that would not happen in traditional scientific meetings. The video below was produced and supplied to the WPC by the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau in an effort to increase excitement about the WPC and to drive up attendance. It showcases three WPC committee members and one WPC 2010 speaker. It was the first video made to help promote the Congress and it received very positive marks from the community and helped generate a buzz about the meeting well before it occurred.



Some comments from WPC 2010 delegates:

"I not only learned new things - scientific research issues, but more importantly, a reminder that the drive of my learning is to benefit those affected by Parkinson's; I was inspired by the people with Parkinson's who attended, sent videos and who presented..."
WPC 2010 Clinician delegate

"David Iverson's talk on Genetics and Me was an amazingly insightful reminder of why I was there and the sessions with Cynthia Fox and Lorainne Ramig were brilliant because they are lead clinicians in my specialism."
(Speech) WPC 2010 Allied Health Professional delegate

"Every session was filled wtih a brilliant head of the field scientific researcher who explained in a straightforward, comprehensive manner."
WPC 2010 Researcher delegate

"I could see how everyone, from the best scientists to the individual Parkinson's sufferer can have a real role to play in helping to overcome this disease. I had thought that the scientifc research was further advanced that it is. I also saw that there are great possibilities for developing ways to improve the quality of life for PwPs."
WPC 2010 Person with Parkinson’s delegate

"I travelled from Chicago to attend the World Parkinson Congress back in September/October and thought it was a fantastic meeting.  But, most of all, I felt that the opening session of that meeting was the best opening session of any medical conference  - and I've seen over 15 years of many, many opening sessions!   I just had a chance to go to the website and see the video (glad you took video and posted it) - still wonderful.  What a great way to start out the Congress...  Congratulations to you and to the rest of the organizers for a great, memorable meeting."   
WPC 2010 Pharmaceutical Industry delegate 

The WPC 2010 Leadership, filled seats on nine committees and came from 27 countries. They represented all areas of Parkinson's including researchers, clinicians, rehab specialists, people with Parkinson's and care partners and others. They spent numerous hours designing and creating the program, steering the WPC through planning decisions, helping to coordinate press and marketing outreach as well as secure funding for the WPC to take place. These men and women were outstanding cheerleaders for the WPC and made it a success with their time and dedication.

The WPC 2010 opening ceremony starting with our very own President and Founder, Dr. Stanley Fahn who announced the launching of the Global Parkinson's Pledge. Learn more about the pledge here and join the list of supporters by signing your name electronically to the document. 

Take a minute to watch videos of each speaker below. Master of Ceremonies was Professor Andrew Lees, the WPC 2010 Co-Chair who introduced each guest and welcomed everyone to the second World Parkinson Congress. 

Andrew Lees, MD, WPC 2010 Co-Chair
Bob Winter, Glasgow Lord Provost
Grace Griffith with Mark Cowan on guitar, Musical Performance
Harry Burns, MD, Scottish Chief Medical Officer
Stanley Fahn, MD, WPC Founder & President
Jane Hill, BBC TV News Presenter 
Bryn Williams, Founder, 
Gavin Hastings, OBE, Former Rugby Captain of Scotland and the British Lions

Pre-congress educational courses
The scientific program for the WPC 2010 began with three pre-congress educational courses that were designed and planned by the WPC Program Committee. The courses were designed for three different audiences and each room was filled to capacity. Here's a summary of the three courses:

Course #1: Scientific (Sponsored by supporting companies) 
The sessions that made up this course were sponsored by supporting companies and were geared toward basic and clinical researchers touching on some of the more current hot discussions in Parkinson's research today. 

Course #2: Healthcare Teams 
This course was of particular interest to members of healthcare or interdisciplinary teams or to those interested in understanding how to design care models that are patient-centered. Faculty included interdisciplinary team members from some of the world's leading centers in the area of team care including MDs, PTs, RNs, OTs, SLPs, SWs and others.

Course #3: Fundamentals of PD 
This course was open to all registrants and covered a number of Parkinson's topics in a manner accessible to non health professionals. Some of the topics covered in this coursewere: Cause of PD, Pathology of PD, Medical Therapies, Surgical Therapies, Future Therapies, Clinical Trials, and more.

A pdf file of the WPC 2010 program can be downloaded here.

The official program began after the Opening Ceremony with more than 120 educational sessions in a variety of formats from plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, debates and more. Session topics covered a broad range of issues in the Parkinson’s science and care, including, but not limited to:
• Ethics of Genetic Testing
• Neuropathology of Parkinson’s Disease
• Environment, Epidemiology and PD
• Early Diagnosis and PD (Modalities to Monitor Disease Progression)
• Multidisciplinary and Comprehensive Care in PD
• Experimental Therapeutics: How to Treat PD in the Future
• How the International Parkinson’s Community Works Togethe
r• Challenges of Care Delivery: International Perspectives
• Parkinson’s Disease: How Does It Unravel?
• Identification and Management of Non-motor Aspects of PD

Faculty from the WPC came from all over the world. 190 speakers in all helped to deliver the program that was presented in Glasgow. See who spoke at the WPC 2010.

Hot Topics talks
Of all of the those who submitted scientific abstracts, 12 people were chosen to give short talks about their work in the Hot Topics sessions each morning. Despite the early hour, these sessions were well attended and offered four talks each morning one in each of these areas: basic science, clinical science, clinical therpeutics and quality of life.

Renewal Room

The Renewal Room (RR) was a space where everyone was welcome to drop in to nourish mind, body and spirit. Attendees participated in laughter sessions, singing, dance, movement, stories, clay manipulation and more! The RR had packed sessions on a daily basis. A few comments about the RR:

"I spent most of my time there. I attended the Congress as a private individual and had no obligations. I had great faith in these very short courses. It was fun, and being a person who likes to laugh, there were highlights. It is important to foucs on other things, not just the disease. I recommend similar sessions in 2013, maybe even more!” 
WPC 2010 delegate

"I visited the clay manipulation and found this a wonderful experience. This should definitely be retained for further conferences as it was still educational, but also relaxing and a nice break from the intensity of the other sessions."
WPC 2010 health professional delegate

"Fantastic self-care space. An oasis from the occasional experience of 'drinking from a firehose' that can often be part of such a huge conference."
WPC 2010 patient delegate 

This was a complimentary space at the WPC 2010 where all delegates were welcome to drop in to get a short massage. This was a perfect way to have some quiet time and work out the kinks from sitting in long sessions or to just decrease the tension from the busy days at the Congress.

The College of Holistic Medicine of Scotland (CHM) agreed to host this space for all delegates during the three days of the core WPC program. CHM's outstanding group of therapists shared their expertise with WPC delegates in the form of short therapeutic massages. The organizers of the Congress wish to thank the College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow for their generousity and enthusiasm for creating this space. Without their generosity and time, this unique component of the Congress would not have taken place.

"The massages made my physical existence much improved and I would have felt even better if I had been able to have a daily massage - so more of these facilities please."
WPC 2010 patient delegate

The WPC 2010 launched for the first time a video competition inviting people from around the globe to send in messages about Parkinson's. The competition was designed to raise awareness about Parkinson's and to put a face on the disease while having a little fun at the same time. The messages were open to the videographers' imaginations and what came back to us was an array of stories and experiences that moved viewers and brought tears and laughter, sometimes in the same clip! 

Being a new competition, it was unclear how the community would respond, but was was clear by the time the submission window closed, was that people enjoyed this opportunity to put into video their thoughts, experiences, feelings, and research for the world to see. Nearly 50 people from 15 countries submitted videos. All of them were excellent in their own right and we were honored and pleased to receive these very moving, educational, and diverse submissions from people with Parkinson's, care partners, friends, and researchers. 

The two top videos were presented at the Opening Ceremony where the videographers were present to be recognized. you can watch them here. Spring Tide by Tony Cox (UK) and Welcome to our World by by Pamela Quinn (US).

Watch other videos that were submitted here. Get a big bowl of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

The WPC 2010, in an effort to include the global community and to reach as many people as possible about the Congress, built a community of 157 Organizational Partners (OPs) from 45 countries around the world to help support and promote the WPC 2010.

These OPs were true allies in our effort to reach the broadest community. We owe a tremendous thank you to our partners for their promotion of the WPC 2010 and theirs efforts to send representatives to be present at the Congress. 

The OPs agreed, in a Leadership Lunch on the first day of the Congress, that we would launch an Information Network for the leaders of the patient voluntary OPs to stay in touch on key issues and to stay posted on the WPC updates. The Parkinson Society Canada will host these calls for the three years leading up to the WPC 2013 in Montreal at which point another leading OP will be asked to take over the responsibility of hosting the calls. 

If your organization would like to be a part of this information network and these calls, please make sure you are an official OP of the WPC and watch for notices on the date of the calls in the future.

View the full list of WPC 2010 OPs.

The WPC 2010 accepted abstract submissions for poster display of promising research in the broad field of PD science, both basic and clinical, as well as novel therapeutic and care studies. Nearly 500 posters were on display during the WPC. The abstracts deemed the most seminal and novel were highlighted during the 'Hot Topics' sessions that were held each afternoon at which the poster presenter was invited to speak to a large audience about his or her work. 

All scientific abstracts accepted for display were printed in a journal supplement of the Movement Disorder Journal and were made available for sale at the WPC. Copies are still available as supplies last and can be directly ordered from the WPC.

ORDER copies of the abstracts
Print copies of the Scientific Abstracts can be ordered for $45 (S&H included) by sending a check to:
World Parkinson Coalition Inc
1359 Broadway, Suite 1509
New York, NY 10018 USA

Print copies of the Living with Parkinson's Abstracts can be ordered for $8 including S&H. A digital version of the Living with Parkinson's booklet can be downloaded here for free. 

The WPC aims to ensure diversity of the delegates by offering travel stipends to junior researchers and people with PD to attend the Congress. Thanks to funding from the Melvin Yahr International Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation, 65 junior researchers from 23 countries received travel support to attend the WPC 2010 and because of funding from the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, 19 people with Parkinson's from 5 countries received travel support.

One of the things that made the WPC 2010 so unique was the support by partnering organizations to ensure their own members and supporters could also attend. Within the UK, the Parkinson's UK and The Cure Parkinson's Trust offered extensive travel grant funding to more than 100 people with PD and the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) offered 20 travel grants to people with Parkinson's living in Europe (outside of the UK). These combined efforts helped to ensure more than 200 people who could not have otherwise attended the WPC could participate.

Recipients of the WPC-provided travel grants are listed below.


Catarina Alfonso | Portugal, Kakhaber Akhvlediani | Georgia, Yuval Aluf | Israel, Anna Anvret | Sweden, Maria Barretto | India, Amit Batla | India, Elisa Belluzzi | Italy, Chandni Chandiramani | UK, Orly Chillag-Talmor | Israel, Laura Civiero | Italy, Mickael Decressac | Sweden, Josefa Maria Malta Domingos | Portugal, Brittany Duggar | USA, Silke Feldman | Germany, Razagado Hernandez Luis Fernando | Mexico, Elena Filatova | Russia, Paul Fitzsimmons | UK, Romulo Fuentes Flores | USA, Lena Francesco | Italy, Manol Gospodinov | Bulgaria, Amit Gupta | India, Leanne Hall | Australia, Andreja Kancilija | Slovenia, Sebastian Keller | Germany, Amit Suresh Khairnar | Italy, Irine Khatiashvili | Georgia, Hee Jin Kim | Republic of Korea, Ju Yeon Kim | Republic of Korea, Tekle ishmaraia | Georgia, HanSeok Ko | USA, Puneet Kumar | India, Robyn Lamont | Australia, Jee-Young Lee | Republic of Korea, Oren Levy | USA, Travis B. Lewis | USA,Hanna Lindgren | Sweden, Nino Lobjanidze | Georgia Ana Paula Cunha Loureiro | Brazil,Yunwen Luo | China, Arpan Kumar Maiti | India, Heather Martin | UK, Margaret J. McCormick | USA, Olalekan Michael Ogundele | Nigeria, Sanjay Pandey | India, Gabriela Pavlic | Republic of Moldov, Mariya Ivanova Petrova | Bulgaria, Anthea Rogers | Australia, Kaitlyn Roland | Canada, Kinnari Sathe | UK, Jessica A.L.H. Saunders | USA,Patrick Schweder | UK, Ruchi Sehgal | India, Elena Semenova | Russia, Maia Shalikashvili| Georgia, Neha Sharma | India, Julian Soto | Mexico, Arlene Speelman | The Netherlands, Joke Spildooren | Belgium, Dawn Tan | Singapore, Joy Lynn Tan | Australia, Xiaodong Tan | China, Svetlana Tomic | Croatia, Marjolein Astrid van der Marck| The Netherlands, Marlies van Nimwegen | The Netherlands, Tarun Vijay | India, Andrew B. West | USA, Uduak Effiong Williams | Nigeria, Timothy Yates | UK 

Bruce G. Ballenger | USA, Sharon Bensted | Australia, Jin Kyoung Choae | Korea,Gretchen Church | USA, Michael Church | USA, Jackie Hunt Christensen | USA, Gary Coons | USA, Charles A. Coury | USA, Peter Davison | Canada, Steven D. DeWitte | USA,Valerie W. Graham | USA, William George Hanks | Belgium, Kate Kelsall | USA, Linda Morgan | USA, Pamela Quinn | USA, Israel Robledo | USA, Lucy Roucis | USA, Candace Soul | Canada, Margaret Tennant | USA, Ryan Tripp | Canada, Bruce G. Ballenger

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