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WPC Scientific Update 2015

Based on the interest from delegates at past Congress who asked for more frequent updates on the science, we now offer updates via live webcasts between the World Parkinson Congresses. Speakers presented engaging and intellectually challenging material in an accessible manner to a broad audience.

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(Originally presented on Ocober 6, 2015)
Session I- New Therapeutic Strategies for Parkinson's
Session II- Alpha-synuclein.. Why is it so important to Parkinson's?

(Originally presented on October 7, 2015)
Session III- Emerging Targets in Parkinson's Research
Session IV- What do we know about how it impacts Parkinson's?

(Originally presented on October 8, 2015)

Session V- Cognitive Challenges and Parkinson's: What can really be done?
Session VI- Gene & Stem Cell Therapy: Can these really impact Parkinson's?


WPC Scientific Update: Parkinson Pipeline Umbrella
In honor of the one year anniversary of the WPC 2013, we offered a one year scientific update with six talks, delivered over three days with dynamic panels of speakers sharing their thoughts and the excitement around the progress being made in these areas of science. Sessions were designed for the full community.

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(Originally presented on September 30, 2014)
Session I - Alpha-synuclein, Neuron Killer or Tombstone?
Session II-  Averting and Energy Crisis: the Vital Role of Mitochondria

(Originally presented on October 1, 2014)
Session III - Therapeutics & Delivery Systems
Session IV -  Unblocking the Treatment Pipeline

(Originally presented on October 2, 2014)
Session V -  The Limits of Dopaminergic Disease Modifying Strategies in a Non-motor Symptom World
Session VI -  Personalized Medicine


3rd World Parkinson Congress
More than 25 hours of educational sessions as well as the Opening Ceremony during the recent Congress are available for viewing. 

The WPC 2013 webcast program was made possible with support from The Brin Wojcicki Foundation and the National Parkinson Foundation.

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TUESDAY, October 1
- delivered at WPC 2013

WPC Opening Ceremony

WEDNESDAY, October 2 Presentations
- delivered at WPC 2013

Hot Topics #1: (speakers chosen from leading abstracts submitted by junior investigators)
Speaker: Michelle Lin (Canada) -   Exome sequencing of Norwegian families with PD reveals novel gene mutations
Speaker: Alexandru Hanganu (Canada) -    Mild cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's disease in linked with extensive cortical thinning during longitudinal analysis
Speaker: Maryka Quik (USA) -    Nicotine and nicotine receptor drugs reduce L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in nonhuman primate model of Parkinson's disease
Speaker: Ryan Duncan (USA) -    Balance difference between people with and without freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease

Plenary Session #1: Why and how specific neuron die in Parkinson’s disease and what can be done about it
Speaker: Virginia Lee (USA) -    Propagation of the neurodegeneration process in PD and the Prion-like hypothesis
Speaker: Christine Klein (Germany) -    Can the interaction between genetics, environment, and behavior be a key determinant of PD expression
Speaker: Etienne Hirsch (France) -    What epidemiological and preclinical studies teach us about inflammation and PD
Speaker: Patrik Brundin (USA) -
   Developing new treatments founded on the basic science of PD

Special Lectures:

Speaker: Remi Quirion (Canada) -    The glory of Canadian Sciences and Parkinson’s disease
Speaker: Gerald Stern (UK) -    The life and times of James Parkinson


Parallel Session: New genes and risk factor of PD
Speaker: Matthew Farrer (Canada) -    New PD genes and rare variants
Speaker: Andrew Singleton -    Risk factors for sporadic PD
Speaker: Haydeh Payami (USA) -    Genetic and gene environment interactions

Parallel Session:  How Parkinson’s affects attention and memory

Speaker: David Burn (UK) -    Memory and attention issues in Parkinson's disease-clinical characteristics and mechanisms
Speaker: Connie Marras (Canada) -    Clinical Assessment of Cognition in PD
Speaker: Margarita Makoutonina (Australia) -    Practical Management of cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease; what can occupational therapist offer?

Daily Wrap-up Panel 

Host: David Iverson
Ted Dawson (USA), Andres Lozano (Canada),Jeffrey Kordower (USA), Mark Guttman (Canada), Susan Fox (Canada)


THURSDAY, October 3 Presentations - delivered at WPC 2013


Hot Topics #2: (speakers chosen from leading abstracts submitted by junior investigators)
Speaker: Martinj van der Eijk (The Netherlands) -     Patient-centered care in the Parkinson centers of excellence: a multicenter study

Speaker: Andrew Vo (Canada) -     Recasting the role of dorsal striatum in learning and decision-making: A study in Parkinson's disease
Speaker: Elisaveta Sokolov (UK)  -     Non-motor clinical staging using the non-motor symptoms scale and motor correlation in an UK cohort
Speaker: Ariadna Recasens Ibabe (Spain) -     Lewy body fractions from patients with Parkinson's disease initiate synuclein-dependent neurodegeneration in mice and non-human primates

Plenary Session:  Non-motor manifestations of Parkinson’s disease

Speaker: Ray Chaudhuri (UK) -     The spectrum of non-motor symptoms in PD
Speaker: David Burn (UK) -    Dementia and psychiatric manifestations in PD
Speaker: Antonio Strafella (Canada) -   Contribution of functional neuroimaging to the understanding of non-motor manifestations of PD
Speaker: Janis Miyasaki (Canada) -   The impact of other medical conditions on the course of PD

Parallel Session: PD or not PD – that is the question: Is it time to redefine/ reclassify Parkinson’s disease?

Speaker: Joaquim Ferreira (Portugal) -  Current definitions and diagnostic criteria: reasons for redefining the disorder
Speaker: Ron Postuma (Canada) -    The challenge of "prodromal" Parkinson's disease
Speaker: Daniela Berg (Germany) -   Redefining Parkinson's disease: possible approaches to developing new diagnostic criteria

Parallel Session:  The search for new delivery methods for drugs 

Speaker: Peter LeWitt (USA) -    Improving oral drug delivery in PD-recent advances
Speaker: Angelo Antonini (Italy) -    Infusion therapies and other non-oral routes of drug delivery
Speaker: Stephane Palfi (France) -   Delivering therapeutic genes into the brain-a future way of drug delivery?

Daily Wrap-up
Host: David Iverson (USA)
Panelists: Anthony Lang (Canada), Kapil Sethi (USA), Joseph Friedman (USA), Janis Miyasaki (Canada), David Brooks (UK), Roshan Cools (Netherlands) and Alex Troster (USA)


FRIDAY, October 4 Presentations
- delivered at WPC 2013


Hot Topics #3:  (speakers chosen from leading abstracts submitted by junior investigators)
Speaker: Bin Hu (Canada) -    Concurrent Arm Swing-Stepping (CASS) test for dual task-related movement incoordination and hesitation in Parkinson's disease
Speaker: Ianai Fishbein (USA) -    Altered Alpha Synuclein degradation and augmentation of Parkinson disease phenotype in a transgenic mouse model
Speaker: Daniel Levesque (Canada) -    Unilateral 6-OHDA lesion and Dopa administration in Nur77 knockout rats reveal an important role of this transcription factor in Parkinson's disease and its treatment
Speaker: Rob Skelly (UK) -    Does a specialist Parkinson's unit improve outcomes for hospitalized Parkinson's patients)

Plenary Session:  New views on management of Parkinson’s disease

Speaker: Roger Barker (UK) -    Cell and gene-based technologies for restorative and neuroprotective therapies
Speaker: Marten Munneke (Netherlands) -   Exercise, diet, and other lifestyle activities as treatments for Parkinson disease
Speaker: Dave de Bronkart (USA) -    Empowered patients and how they can help improve healthcare
Speaker: Nir Giladi (Israel) -    Roles for healthcare professionals: multidisciplinary care for Parkinson disease


Special Lecture: Living Positively after a Parkinson’s diagnosis
Speakers: Rich Clifford (USA), Soania Mathur (Canada) and Alex Flynn (UK) 

Parallel Session: New insights into Parkinson’s disease from experimental cell- and gene-based strategies

Speaker: Malin Parmar (Sweden) -  Use of human ES and iPS cells for cell replacement in Parkinson's disease
Speaker: Andreas Kottmann (USA) -   Role of Sonic hedgehog in maintaining stratal homeostasis
Speaker: Mickael Decressac (Sweden) -   Nurr1 as a therapeutic target for neuroprotection and disease modification in PD

Parallel Session: Freezing and falls

Speaker: Alice Nieuwboer (Belgium) -  Freezing-Underlying mechanisms and the role of cueing
Speaker: Fay Horak (USA) -   Why do persons with PD fall? Does treatment help to reduce falling?
Speaker: Victoria Goodwin (UK) -   The benefits of exercise in reducing falling in PD

Daily Wrap-up
Host: David Iverson (USA)
Panelists: Terry Ellis (USA), Eduardo Tolosa (Spain), Howard Federoff (USA), Blair Ford (USA) and Kailash Bhatia (UK)

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