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The World Parkinson Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an international forum on Parkinson's disease. By bringing together physicians, scientists, nurses, rehab specialists, care partners and people with Parkinson's, we hope to create a worldwide dialogue to expedite the discovery of improved treatment practices for this devastating disease until a cure is found. All donations made to the World Parkinson Coalition are tax deductible.


Parkinson's is an undeniably complex disease. There is currently no cure. While there are many risk factors for developing the disease, the causes are not well understood. On top of that, there is a wide array of motor and non-motor symptoms that present differently in each person living with the disease.

Because of its complexity, it takes all kinds of knowledge and expertise to discover the causes, explore new treatments, improve quality of life, and find a cure. When we held the first World Parkinson Congress in 2006, there was no forum where scientists, clinicians, nurses, therapists, people with Parkinson's, and all others whose lives are touched by the disease could come together to share their work and learn from each other.

The WPC is the only international Parkinson’s event that invites all Parkinson’s community members to come together for a high level scientific and educational program to discuss scientific advances, leading clinical research, and care and quality of life models. The congress is organized into four days of plenary sessions, workshops, and round table discussions offering extensive opportunities to ask questions of the speakers, to network, and to maximize learning and overall experience for delegates.

We know that the exchange of knowledge that happens at the World Parkinson Congresses and in the educational programming we offer between each Congress matters.


The congress makes a difference not only to the attendees, but to the Parkinson's community as a whole. We have seen over and over again that those who attend our congress go back to their communities and make them a better place for those living with Parkinson's. They start their own support groups, they advocate for more research funding, they return to their lab bench with new ideas, or they return to their clinics with better information to give their patients.

Whether you choose to support a specific fund or give a general donation, your support is crucial to making the World Parkinson Congress and our other educational programs happen.

Learn about the impact the World Parkinson Congress by reading some of the stories on our Working Parkinson Connections blog.

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