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Helping to Bring the Community Together!

By ordering your own Parky, you are supporting the WPC Travel Grants Fund for the next World Parkinson Congress. 100% of the profit is used to bring junior researchers, junior clinicians, and people living with Parkinson's to the 6th World Parkinson Congress.



Parky the Raccoon was 'born' in the summer of 2012, when Bob Kuhn, a WPC 2013 Ambassador travelled the world with a cardboard cutout of Parky, which he used to spark conversations with people with Parkinson's who could not speak English. Everyone was curious about this unique animal, indigenous to North America, but virtually unknown to the rest of the world.


Why a Raccoon?

1. The distinctive mask represents the 'Parkinson's mask'.


2. Raccoons are inventive when faced with challenges. Excellent problem solvers, with a high level of curiosity, and the ability to survive in diverse environments, quite similar to people with Parkinson's who creatively live with PD and solve challenges of living with a disease that can limit one's mobility and dexterity.


3. Parkinson's affects sleep and raccoons are often nocturnal, but not exclusively so.


4. They can be mischievous. After all, Parkinson's is serious enough in itself. It's good to have a little fun.


Where is Parky?

You can see where else in the world Parky lives by visiting


You can also follow our lovable Raccoon on Facebook.

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